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BMW Club Queensland is made up of car enthusiasts brought together by one of the world’s greatest motoring companies. The club is made up of car owners and admirers, not just BMW owners. It is an official car club, fully insured and supported by BMW AG.

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Joining the BMW Club not only unlocks countless opportunities for you to get to know your car, but also for you to engage with other BMW enthusiasts, get some race track action with your BMW and, most of all, have fun.
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Membership starts from $75 per year
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BMW Club Motorsport is the organising team for BMW Club Queensland. The team is dedicated to setting Motorsport events that allow members to not only learn to drive their cars faster on the racetrack, but also in a safer manner on the road. The team is led by Andrew Williams and is responsible for managing our track days, and all of the associated activities.
We have a very enthusiastic group of members that enjoy driving their cars as BMW intended. This is reflected by BMW’s own slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Watch Breakfast Run #29


Watch Breakfast Run #29

No doubt, you own and drive a BMW for a good reason. You must love driving!
BMW Club Queensland offers you a diverse range of driving opportunities that will truly reward you for choosing a BMW.
Nothing compares to being part of a BMW club convoy. The roads we choose, the sights you see and the friends you will make, are all part of the BMW club drive experience.

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The BMW Club QLD Facebook page is a central part of our active and positive club environment.
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