In 2022 BMW celebrated 50 years since the launch of ///M Division where its knowledge learnt from its motorsport participation was passed on to its road cars. This tradition continues and grows today. The Motorsport division of the club is where we take the opportunity to use our cars more in the way BMW intended with many track-based activities focussing on all levels of driver from the novice wanting to enjoy their car and enhance their driving skills to those wanting to step up to building and racing a car.

To this, we have many different activities we run and participate in, with several other clubs including the annual Inter Club Challenge (ICC).

One of our most popular activities are our Skid Pan Sessions, held at the Mt Cotton Centre for Driver Excellence. These are conducted at low speed, on a wet, slippery circuit, where the idea is to recognise when the car is braking traction and learn how to control the ensuing skid and mastering under and oversteer. These are conducted with the support of a qualified instructor from Safe Drive Training, a well-known driver training company. This is a great fun way for all levels of driver to enhance their driving skills and know how to react should their car go into a skid while on the road. These are always popular and sell out fast when advertised. Here are some skid photos and videos to check out.

Our on-track activities are on many levels, starting with ‘Happy Laps and Breakfasts’, where for a small fee you get a hot breakfast and half an hour of cruising on track, usually Lakeside, where you get a chance to drive at higher speeds than you can on the highway and experience the track. No special licenses or helmets are required, and you can take passengers. (Some restrictions apply).

Other popular track events for all levels of driver, are our Regularity events. At these, its not about driving at a fastest pace, its about driving consistently. After a practice run, you nominate a time as your goal you want to aim to, for the rest of the day. You then score points for each lap time away from that time. Person at the end of the day with lowest score is the winner. Great fun, yet challenging for all levels of driver. Our Annual InterClub Regularity Charity Day is the highlight of these events, where we join together with several other clubs to raise valuable funds for some very worth while local charities. Always a great fun day with BMW InterClub Regularity.

Our most popular track events are our RX Automotive Sprint Series where we run several Sprint events throughout the year competing for class points and the awarding of the Ray Alsop Memorial Piston Cup to the years outright champion. Sprint Events are where you drive against yourself at your own pace in either a road or dedicated track car. We accept all makes of vehicles at our Sprint days and are open to, and often attended by members of other, like-minded clubs. We conduct these events in 5 or more rounds each year at Lakeside Park, Queensland Raceway and Morgan Park at Warwick. We run an excellent mentoring program for novices including track walks in the mornings by one of our highly experienced members giving in depth details of how to drive the various parts of the tracks. Members are also available to answer any questions to assist novices.

In 2023 we are expanding our track sprint events with the addition of a race series for dedicated BMW race cars, the Qld BMW Drivers Championship. This will give those members wanting to step up to a higher level of participation an outlet.

Another area of great participation with our members is the Inter Club Challenge where we join with several other local car clubs for a variety of events, with each participating club organising a different form of Motorsport or road event. These are competition events where by just participating you can earn personal and club points towards end of year trophies. Check out the participation of Tesla Economy Run Experiment.

Whatever your Motorsport passion is, BMWCQ has something to offer you to enjoy that, in a fun way with like-minded members.

Spectators are always welcome at all our Motorsport events, so come out to one and see what we do. You can even have a passenger ride at one of our Sprint Days.

Track Day Locations

Currently we schedule our track days for either the iconic Lakeside Park in the northern Brisbane Suburb of Kurwongbah, Queensland Raceway just west of Ipswich at Willowbank (Both AASA Operated Tracks) or Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick.

Lakeside International Raceway

Queensland Raceway

Morgan Park Raceway

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