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The ///M Car Register is open to all owners of BMW ///M Cars. These include 1M, M2, M3, M4, M5, and the M6.

Unique to the brand, all ///M cars start with the "WBS" prefix in the vehicle Identification Number. The ///M Car Register is the official ///M Car organisation within the BMW Club Queensland and the only ///M Car Register with backing from BMW AG. The ultimate driving machine, it was built for the task of eating kilometre after kilometre of winding twisting road and the ///M Car Register certainly make sure the cars are put to good use.

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The E24 6 Series was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1976. The first-generation BMW 6 Series production ran from 1975 to 1989 and was available for sale from 1976 to 1989. BMW built 86,219 E24 6 Series cars. The 6 Series was a genuine pathfinder in many of the features that we accept as normal today. Beneath that beautiful body is the rugged running gear that was so strong that it could take all the cruel loads that Motorsport inflicts and finish a winner. Twice winning the European championship and also winning the Australian Championship.

The 6 Series Register provides several levels of activity for owners of the E24 BMW. Primarily, it is a source of information about maintenance and repair to keep these cars in a condition befitting their status as BMW’s one Prestige Top of the range model in their line-up. We have access to sources of sometimes difficult to obtain parts, These are locally and Internationally available. Secondly, it is a social group to meet, drive and enjoy these cars in the company of other like minded owners. In the past we have had events for owners that include driving and meeting for a meal or just a coffee and conversation. As these cars are up to 40 years old, it is important to have contacts and talk in about issues or upgrades to keep these cars in circulation.

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The BMW Club Queensland E30 register is a mix of 400 financial members and guests in Queensland with a strong passion for all things, BMW E30 model related. Whether you're an owner or admirer of an E30 318i through to the M3, we welcome all guests to the register via our Facebook page "BMWCQ E30 Register" with the hope that guests will join BMWCQ as financial members to enjoy the many club runs, track events, social and tech days on offer by the club to its members throughout the year. The BMWCQ E30 register is lead by the register coordinator Andrew Hall whom leads the registers many events, including the registers last 2016 tech day which included 76 E30's attending on the day. A national record gathering for the model and a great day for all. Want to see what it's all about, become a BMWCQ financial member to enjoy the many club events and join us on the Facebook page to stay tuned for current and upcoming activities.

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All BMW Club Queensland Register drives and events are covered by our full public liability insurance.

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