BMW Club Motorsport is the organising team for BMW Club Queensland. The team is dedicated to setting Motorsport events that allow members to not only learn to drive their cars faster on the racetrack, but also in a safer manner on the road. The team is led by Denis Weisz and is responsible for managing our track days, and all of the associated activities.

We have a very enthusiastic group of members that enjoy driving their cars as BMW intended. This is reflected by BMW’s own slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Our Motorsport events are orientated towards fun and safety. We want every car and person to go home as they started the day, only with a bigger smile on their face. The team are available to assist in obtaining Motorsport Australia and AASA track licences for members who require them, and the Club recommends anyone who participates in track activities should get one for the additional insurance coverage they provide. We have a number of former and current competitive race drivers who help out at all club track days.

Track Day Preparation

Club member, Rod Dawney, has compiled a list of recommendations for anyone considering tracking their car. This is an excellent guide and is available by clicking the link below. It is in PDF format. Click here.

Driver Training

The club promotes safe driving at all times, and to this end we have some experienced race drivers who are willing to instruct at our track days.

The club also uses Safe Drive Australia driver training to provide Level 1 training for new drivers and people wanting to improve their on-road skills.

This year, we will also be embarking on a project of training Club Members to become accredited Driver Training Instructors.

Keep an eye out in the events calendar for upcoming Motorsport and Driver Training Events

Track Day Locations

Currently we schedule our track days for either the iconic Lakeside International Raceway in the northern Brisbane Suburb of Kurwongbah, Queensland Raceway just west of Ipswich at Willowbank (Both AASA Operated Tracks) or Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick (C.A.M.S. Operated Track)

Lakeside International Raceway

Queensland Raceway

Morgan Park Raceway

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