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BR 27 - Heading to Sasquatch Country

  • 28 Aug 2016
  • 06:45
  • Southside - Homemaker Centre Jindalee / Northside - Aspley Hypermarket


As we are just about to say goodbye to Winter we've decided to head North West into the middle of Sasquatch Country.  Rumour has the only sighting of a Sasquatch in Australia was in this area.  There is a great cafe that we will have breakfast at and their coffee is to die for.  Meals are from the menu and we receive 10% of the menu prices.

In an all new design concept we have 2 starting points.  If you live on the northside you can start at Aspley Hypermarket,  Albany Creek Rd, Aspley and If you live on the southside you can start at Jindalee Homemaker Centre, Goggs Rd, Jindalee.  This way you don't have to get up at sparrows to make the meeting point.  Meet at either start point at 6.45am for a briefing and a 7.00am departure.  We should be tucking into a great breaky and coffee by 8.45am.

Each start point will have its own coordinator and leader/s,  and you never know, you might just bump into the other "mob" on the way there.

In the registration form just tick southside or northside as your preferred starting point.

Join your club mates on this morning adventure that will have you hanging for the next one.  This is what makes the BMWCQ so great to be a part of.  The mates and the good times and chats had over a good meal and a great coffee after an even better drive.

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