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Rnd 3 Btuned Sprint Series - Morgan Park Warwick

  • 09 Mar 2019
  • 07:00 - 17:00
  • Morgan Park


  • Non-BMWCQ Members can go straight to the porsche site to enter there.

Round 3 of our Sprint Series sees us head to the ionic Morgan Park Circuit at Warwick, for a joint event hosted by the Porsche Club.  This will also be a round of this years InterClub Challenge, so as well as scoring points for our club trophy series, you will also be representing our club in the ICC. So be sure to say you are a BMWCQ member when entering.

I would ask all attending, to register on our club site, so we know you are attending and can ensure you earn your points in the correct class for your car.  This will also make sure you are covered under the clubs insurance.


The following information is from the Porsche club, please read all information there.

To access the entry form go to www.porsche-qld.org.au click on “Calendar”, click on 9 March 2019 and you will then be able the access the entry form.  Whilst on the same calendar page, print out the Supplementary Regulations, most importantly, print out the last page which is the Scrutineering Form which you will need on the day.  I know that the Supp Regs are a little long winded, but worth a read.

Sadly, we have had some big increases in our costs from last year so the entry fee has gone up, it is now $190 for the car plus $45 for the carport plus $20 for the transponder. MyLaps Timers (Orange) are used at Morgan Park, Westhold Timers (Green), used at QR/Lakeside are not compatible to MP.  $135 to CAMS if you get an annual and $95 if you buy a single event licence (day licence).

What will you get for this, the plan is:

  1. No more than 5 run groups
  2. No more than 18/19 cars per run group
  3. 3 runs at the Long Track
  4. 3 runs at the Short Track
  5. A break for lunch, canteen facilities provided by WDCCQ

Of course the number of runs will greatly depend on the number of recoveries. One recovery takes almost as much time as one run.

Last note to clear up some confusion, Saturday is PCQ and ICC, Sunday is PCQ only but we only have one set of Supplementary Regulations so please stress to your members they are only entering a one day event.

As always, any questions, please feel free to email or call me.


Kevin Vedelago


Motorsport Director

Porsche Club Qld

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