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  • Rnd 7 RX Automotive Sprint Series 13 September- Lakeside.

Rnd 7 RX Automotive Sprint Series 13 September- Lakeside.

  • 13 Sep 2019
  • 07:30 - 16:00
  • Lakeside Park


  • Full financial BMWCQ members only.
  • Use code For MX5 Club members,
    Contact Brian Hegerty for code
  • Email or call 0408 742 617 for code.
    Provide name of other club.
  • All are welcome at BMWCQ Track Days, as long as your vehicle is in a safe condition and it complies with the strict noise requirements for Lakeside.

Its been a while since we have been back at Lakeside for an all day sprint session.  What better way to enjoy a Black Friday than some laps at our favourite home track.  Bring your black car or your flying broom, wear your black race suit or just pat a black cat, but don't miss out on another enjoyable day at Lakeside.

With costs starting from just $195 for members for a full day, clearly the best value track experience available.  Entering early, assists in the admin for the day, taking that last minute pressure off the organisers.

NOTE:   Please be mindful of the ongoing noise issues at Lakeside, If you think your car may be over the noise limit, visit a muffler shop and have it checked and the exhaust modified if necessary, better than being excluded from the day once you are there.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email or call.

Denis Weisz

0408 742 617

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