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  • Rnd 3 2020 RX Automotive Sprint Series - Only Morning Left

Rnd 3 2020 RX Automotive Sprint Series - Only Morning Left

  • 26 Jun 2020
  • 08:00 - 12:30
  • Lakeside Park
  • 2


  • MX 5 Club members please contact to enter
    0408 742 617
  • Members of MX5 and other clubs please contact to enter.
    0408 742 617

We will have to make some minor changes to our normal operations, but the good news is we are back.  

To that end, we will be running a morning and afternoon session with a maximum of 19 entrants per session.  There will be 2 groups with just 9-10 cars in each group, with alternating 30 minute runs, eg Group1 (the faster group), will have a 30 minute session of open track, followed by group 2, for the same and then back to group 1, and so on.  You can come in and go out in your 30 min session as often as you want.  With the minimum time lost in group change overs, you will get as many laps, probably more, as a normal full day.

With the current restrictions in place we will not be able to do passenger rides or be able to have any pit crew or spectators in attendance, just you and your car.  Of course we ask everyone to exercise social distancing while at the track.  

I look forward to seeing you back at the track even if in a somewhat restricted way.

Denis Weisz

Motorsport Director

0408 742 617

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