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ICC Social - Navigation Run - MR2 Car Club Queensland

  • 30 Oct 2022
  • 08:00 - 12:00
  • TBA


Registration is closed


Registration is now open! Please note the date has changed to Sunday 30th Oct and you must register with MR2 Club QLD to secure your spot. Registering on this event let's me know you have registered and are attending.

Information from the MR2 Club QLD:

"Hello and a Big Warm Welcome to the 2022 MR2 Owners Club of Queensland's Navigational Challenge.

For those of you new to the challenge a quick explanation.

What is it:

You will receive a booklet on the day with laid out directions and questions for you to follow. The navigation challenge is like a treasure hunt on wheels. You need to spot the answers to the questions on the route as described. You will receive a pack on the day which will have directions, instructions and an answer sheet for you to hand back in to score those vital points for the Inter Club Challenge 2022. 

Start / Finish check point:

SAMFORD PARKLANDS (if this start point changes you will be notified individually) 

How it is scored:

There is a prescribed time for the day which will be advised when you receive your pack. There are 10 points awarded for each question and there are usually 30-40 questions on the route.

There is a time IN noted and a time OUT noted for the course to keep things even between cars with the prescribed time is set for all cars. There is no advantage for speeding or going extremely slow to complete the questions. The event is operating on public roads and hence the prescribed time is designed to keep the legal road speeds in mind.

The prescribed time is the time it takes for a road registered vehicle to complete the route doing the speed limit in normal traffic while collecting the answers with the navigator along the way.


For each minute that you finish under or over the prescribed time when submitting your answer sheet there will be a 1 point deduction. This is designed to keep a level playing field with nothing but your wits and your skills making the difference when collecting the answers. 

The day should be alot of fun with Teslas, BMW's Mini's, Mg Midget's, Porsches and Toyota MR2's evenly matched, its those cunning MG's you really have to watch, this isn't their first rodeo! We also welcome the new entrants the Tesla's!

For obvious reasons each vehicle entered will need at least two occupants, one being the driver and one being the navigator as a minimum. There is no maximum apart from how many seats your car can legally seat.

There is an entry fee of $25 per vehicle to cover the costs of insurance and preparation, people are welcome to have more than the driver and navigator in the car with them on the day to help spot those answers if the seating allows for it, the more the merrier! Friends and family and car enthusiasts are all welcome. For the MR2 Club Members this fee is incorporated into the club membership for the year as it is our signature event.

To secure your place in this event we just need you to make payment for your entry using the bank details as soon as possible so we can confirm your entry. 

We here at the QLD MR2 Club are looking forward to your participation on the day, we are sure it’s going to be a great day out and a slightly different change of pace compared to other ICC events, this is a family friendly event, so bring the kids. Any issues or questions before the event, or on the day, feel free to give the QLD MR2 CLUB a message on facebook or a phone call and we will be happy to help out.

We look forward to seeing out on the day in the lovely Samford Village."

Registration link: Click here to register MR2 CLUB QLD Navigation Challenge - 30th October 2022 - Entry Form (jotform.com)

Cost: $25 payable to MR Club QLD. Their banking details are emailed to you after you register.

You must have a navigator to participate in this event. 

If you have any questions about registration or the event, please contact me first on icc@bmwcq.com.au or 0411 467 745 and if I am unable to help you then talk to MR2 Club Qld. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Take care,

Christine Murphy

ICC Coordinator


What is the ICC?

Welcome to the Inter Club Challenge (ICC) 2022. The ICC is made up of over 10 other Motorsport Australia affiliated Clubs. The ICC calendar is made up of events hosted by the different Clubs, who then extend invitations to the other Club's to attend. This makes for a very diverse selection of both Motorsport and social events. For example, the BMW Club Qld hosts the Regularity event each year which is also a Club fundraiser.

Each participant, whether driving in one or all events, will earn points and the chance to win a trophy at the end of the year. The top four (4) drivers points from each Club, at each event, go towards the Club tally and contribute to helping the Club win the championship.


What is an Navigation Run?

At the start of a Navigation Run, participants are handed written instructions, instead of using their  maps, of the route they are to take through local roads. Particular points of interest are mentioned and you may need to stop, take a photo or look for answers to questions. All drivers are to drive to road speed limits and there will be a cut off time. As this event will be held on local roads it is fantastic for friends and family (kids love these events) to participate in. Each vehicle will require at least one passenger to be the navigator.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact Christine on 0411 467 745 or icc@bmwcq.com.au.

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