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Safe Drive Training Morgan Park Day

  • 20 Sep 2022
  • 07:30 - 16:30
  • Morgan Park, Warwick
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  • This is for a financial member of BMW Club Queensland. Payment for the event is via the SDT Website. Information here is for logistics only

Registration is closed

  • Please note: this is a stand alone event and not a round of our RX Automotive Sprint Series.    By popular demand we have locked in another SDT (Safe Drive Training) Driver Training day at Morgan Park on Tuesday 20th September 2022. The last two of these events sold out quickly and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees. Loads of track time, excellent instructors and a friendly relaxed atmosphere are what members are saying. Check out these two videos to learn more about SDT and what you’ll experience on the day. You may also spot some familiar faces. NB new videos have been released on 1st June with updated info and will be uploaded shortly.



    ** Registering for this event

    Please register in two (2) places:

  • (Please note - These events are limited to a total of 24 vehicles and open to the public. BMW Club will monitor the registrations with SDT and update as necessary. It is advisable to register quickly to ensure you do not miss out on a spot.)


  • 1.     Please email me on icc@bmwcq.com.au and I will forward the most recent registrations forms. Once you have completed these forms please send them back to SDT along with payment.
  • 2.     Once you are registered and have made payment to SDT, please click Register in this event via the BMW app or website, so we know you are coming.
  • Once you have registered with SDT they will email you videos to watch approximately a week out from the event. These videos form 90% of the driver briefing to save time on the day. They are full of helpful information and funny bits to keep them entertaining. You will also receive information on tyre pressure, the track circuits they'll run on the day and the itinerary for the day. That will all come from SDT but I'm here to help with questions, just reach out!

    ** Price

    We have a group booking discount of $315 for a full day (very small increase due to track hire cost increasing). Please make payment direct to SDT.

    ** What you must have and need:

  • 1.      CTP Rally Extension for road registered cars - call your CTP insurer and ask for a Rally Extension. Some insurers charge $10. They'll ask you what the name of the event is and this will be "SDT - Safe Drive Training - Sports Driver Training" , location, Morgan Park Raceway. They will then email the Rally Extension to you.
  • 2.     Australian Standard Helmet.
  • 3.     Full length clothing covering from neck to ankle to wrist. It is a good idea to layer up in case you get hot when not on the track.
  • 4.     Enclosed footwear.
  • 5.     Gloves (optional).
  • 6.     Food and drink. Last time the canteen was not open, but town is only about a 10 minute drive if you want to pop out and grab something. 
  • 7.     Hat, sunscreen, umbrella and all the good things to keep you from getting sunburnt.
  • 8.     Chairs and anything else to make your pit time more comfortable.
  • 9.   In car timers etc. Times are not recorded on the day, however you can keep track of your times via in car methods. App’s such as TrackAddict are great as well to download to your phone. I can help you on the day with setting this up if you would like.
  • 10.  GoPro type cameras mounted to the outside of vehicles must have a secondary tether to a separate part of the car.

** One the day

Please meet at the track after you have filled up, grabbed coffee and some breakfast. We'll be allocated pit bays on arrival. Times and itinerary for the day will be emailed out  from SDT closer to the 20 September. Please use any of the lower level pit bays that are available.

** Accommodation 

The lovely Coachman’s Inn is our chosen hotel. They have a pool and restaurant onsite which will be fabulous after a hot day at the track! Please call the hotel direct to book as they will match any online price.

Coachmans Inn Warwick (book-directonline.com)

Another hotel you may like to try, which is across the road from the Coachman's Inn, is Buckaroo.  Again call them direct for the best price.

Warwick Accommodation | Buckaroo Motor Inn

** Dinner Monday 19 September at 6.30pm

For those who arrive early, we will have a casual dinner at Chung Hing Chinese restaurant.

Chinese Restaurant on Strikingly (mystrikingly.com)

** Dinner Tuesday 20 September at 6.30pm

The perfect finish to a great day at the track is dinner at Rupert's Bar and Grill (located at The Coachman's Inn). Lovely intimate dinning experience with one of the best steaks in Warwick and a lovely wine selection. 

Best Warwick Restaurant | Ruperts Bar and Grill | Coachman's Inn (coachmans.com.au)

** Wednesday 21 September: Breakfast at Gardens Galore at 9am

One of Warwick’s most popular cafes is Garden’s Galore. They have a beautiful menu and are set in a garden centre with fabulous gift shops throughout. Click the link below to view all their goodies! A group breakfast will be made closer to the time.

WARWICK GARDENS GALORE - Updated 2022 Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

After breakfast everyone can decide on their best route home. Those who are towing trailers may like to take the quickest route while others may like to drive the very scenic drive through Killarney and up to Queen Mary Falls. 

It will be a great couple of days to be enjoyed by not just the drivers but family and friends also as spectators/supporters. 

Event organiser (BMWCQ) Christine Murphy 0411 467 745  or email icc@bmwcq.com.au

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