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ICC - Show'n'Shine Hosted by MX-5 Club

  • 07 May 2023
  • 09:00
  • Queensland Raceway


  • All current financial members of BMWCQ are eligible to participate in this event.

Registration is closed

This event will be hosted by MX-5 Car Club and we thank Alan Hitchcock for all his organising efforts.

Date and Location

Sunday 7th May at Queensland Raceway.

Registration Closes

Registration is open now and will close on BMWCQ by Wednesday 3rd May to allow time to pick the car that will represent BMWCQ. Registration will still be open on Queensland Raceway if you just wish to attend as the general public.

How do I register and how much is it register?

The event registration is via the QR Calendar. Simply click on the Sportscar & Classic Car Festival event on the 7th May & register.


Fees are $20 for a car and 2 passengers (driver plus 1) when pre booking via the calendar or $20/person on the day (note there is no cash door sales only card). Any additional passengers are paid for on the day at $20/person.

Once you have registered on the QR calendar, register on BMWCQ so we know who will be coming.

What time do I arrive?

QR have asked for ICC entries to be lined up at the gate by 9am so we can be let in early to allow time for setup. The event opens at 10am to the public.

V8 Experience and Parade Lap

After the V8 Experience is finished (between 2.30-3pm and if you wish to purchase laps contact QR directly) the parade lap of all cars will commence. 

Can I bring a trailer?

There will also be trailer parking in the main car park if required.

Display Area

ICC have been allocated an area of hard stand at the rear of the pits adjacent to the workshops for our display. We anticipate a minimum of 24 cars fitting in this area.

Your Display Vehicle

Bring either your competition or street vehicle. For some people this may be the same vehicle.

Judging and Trophy

Each Club will nominate one (1) car to represent them in the ICC Show’n’Shine judging with the trophy being presented to the winner at the awards presentation at the end of the year. Please ensure you have registered with BMWCQ so we know the pool of cars we are using to pick the one to represent BMWCQ.

What time does the finish close?

Around 5ish everyone will need to be out of the venue.

Can I leave early?

You can leave at any time during the day however at the end of the day there will be a parade lap for those remaining.

We will keep you update to in this event as more information comes to hand.

Take care,

BMWCQ Motorsport

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