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  • Drive: Day run to 25th Anniversary Leyburn Sprints V2

Drive: Day run to 25th Anniversary Leyburn Sprints V2

  • 11 Sep 2021
  • 08:00 - 15:30
  • Puma Bundamba to Leyburn


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September 10 - Important.......  Please bring a Mask (in case it's required)

Join us on Saturday September 11 for a day drive to the famous Leyburn Sprints. This year is the 25th Anniversary so it promises to be a special event.   We'll meet at the Puma Bundamba at 8am with a scheduled departure at 8.30am.  Expected arrival at Leyburn at 10.30 where we will be able to access the display area to be able to park.  Entry fee is $20 PP.  Bring your chairs and hats. I'll see if we can bring our Club Marquee, as well.   You will have access to food and drink. 

Please register HERE so we can keep track of numbers.

Greg Tymms

Drive Co-ordinator

BMW Club Qld


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