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  • Track Day - RX Automotive Sprint Series 2024 Round 4

Track Day - RX Automotive Sprint Series 2024 Round 4

  • 18 Oct 2024
  • 07:00 - 17:00
  • Lakeside Park Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah 4503
  • 50


  • BMWCQ members only.
  • Registration code required. Please contact Andrew on 0432 884 369 for the code.
  • Entry fee includes 12 months BMWCQ membership.
  • Introduction to track day. Open to all. Speed limited laps and no passing.
  • Half day entrants do not accrue BMWCQ motorsport championship points.
  • Official use only.




REGISTRATION CUT-OFF TIME: Midnight, Tuesday 15 October 2024


This track day, sponsored by RX Automotive, is a full day event and is being held at iconic Lakeside Park on Friday, 18 October 2024.

As a result of our great relationship with Lakeside and RX Automotive's sponsorship support, entry fees are still just $195 for financial members of BMWCQ and financial members of ICC Clubs.  Non-club members are also welcome to enter at $240.

Not a member? See the Non-member Special Offer! It's not too late to join now if you would like to be a part of a great club. Don't own a BMW? No problem - you are most welcome to join BMWCQ as an Associate Member and enjoy all the benefits of club membership.  

There is an ENTREE GROUP open to all at a reduced entry fee. Entree Group drivers will not be timed and will be lead for five laps in each session by Simon Harrex who is a very experienced race car driver.  Passing will not be permitted as this group is intended as an introduction to track day events. Drivers must meet the normal track day requirements for a licence and attire

Program Outline

1. This is a Sprint Event. Sprints are not racing. Read more HERE.

2. At least three morning sessions and three afternoon sessions are planned.  Each session will be an out lap, five timed laps and a warm down lap (not applicable to Entree Group). There will be five groups (including the Entree Group) in each session. The full program, group allocations and procedures for the day will be advised prior to the event. 

3. Time permitting, we plan to run passenger laps over the lunch break OR at the end of the day. Passengers are required to sign in with RACERS, wear an approved helmet, long sleeved top, long pants and closed in shoes. 

Full Day Entry Fees:

1. $195 for members of BMWCQ and ICC clubs.

2. $240 for non-club members running in timed groups. SPECIAL OFFER: Your entry fee includes 12 months BMWCQ membership and entitles you to future discounts.

3. $180 for Entree Group. Note: no timing and no passing in this group.

Half Day Entry Fees 

$155 for BMWCQ financial members only. Half day entrants do not accrue BMWCQ motorsport championship points.

Licence & Lap Timer:

1. All entrants (includes Entree) will need a RACERS Clubman licence (single event $50 or annual $95).

2. A Westhold lap timer will be provided if you do not have your own (not applicable to Entree).

Shared Car:

1.  More than one fully paid entrant may share a car.

2. Not applicable to Entree Group entries.

3.  If you are sharing a car, please advise during registration so that an appropriate group can be allocated for each entrant.

Preparation - All Entrants:

1. Please read this document for the basic requirements you need to consider for your car and yourself. Pay particular attention to the clothing/helmet requirements.

2. CTP Insurance - if your car has Queensland registration, you are advised to contact your CTP insurer and request a motorsport extension.

3. Ensure you bring sufficient water/fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Noise Limits:

All vehicles must be below 95 db to proceed onto the track. 

Food and Drinks:

Available at the pit lane cafe. Please ensure that you bring sufficient water/fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

More Information:

Please email BMWCQ Motorsport or contact Andrew on 0432 884 369 if you have any questions or require more information.

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